The Team

Irfan Akram, President

Mr. Akram has been a principal of MT for over 5 years. He is responsible for marketing, operations, and human resources.

Mr. Akram earned his BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistanís top engineering school and also has a Master Degree in Engineering Management from UET Lahore. Located in the thinking center of Pakistan. He has won multiple Ministry of Science and Technology scholarships during the time he was obtaining his Masters in Computer Science from LUMS.

Mr. Akram has substantial international experience including working as lead engineer with Track 14, a US Based Embedded systems company.

Aamir Nouman, CTO

Mr. Nouman is acting Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for managing all technical aspects for MT including oversight of design and back-end processes for over 35 programmers.

Mr. Nouman earned his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Taxila. He subsequently finished his Masters in Computer Science from LUMS earning high honors for his programming and analytical skills.

As a service to his community, his passion has been working as general secretary of Mile Stone, an organization which provides support to improve the quality of life for the disabled.


Latest Projects