Corporate Id


The most priceless asset of a company is stored in its’ corporate ID, therefore MechTechnologies specializes in the many forms to enhance your corporate ID.

Your logo design, image branding, your website or your business cards, whatever the need is, our highly-skilled first-class quality designers have the aptitude and capabilities to improve your corporate ID.

Your logo design is known to be the corner-stone, but it is your corporate ID which is known to be the masthead, the main communication route to customers. So why waste effort, time and money in going with someone else, when MechTechnologies knows cost-efficiency, immaculate quality and your company’s image means everything!

In order for MechTechnologies to fulfill our vision, we follow an efficient process that takes care of the following in order:
Step 1

This includes the orientation in the field along with comprehensive research of the competition and concept development. Our exceptional designers have the ability and skills to conduct a rigorous research which is used to implement your corporate ID to make sure that both MechTechnologies and the client have the same view on things.

Step 2
The Drafts

All the research has now been gathered, and is ready to use and implement into your corporate ID. Our designers will come up with some computer sketches averaging 3 to 5 concepts for the client to look at and experience the look and feel of their new corporate ID. The client will then choose one of the fine selected concepts for reviewing which our designers will begin work on.

Step 3

Any modifications that our client has addressed to our designers will be addressed in this phase making sure altering and finessing the chosen version of the corporate ID meets the approval and satisfaction of the client. Furthermore, in this phase not only do we pay attention to every single detail of the client’s request, we also make sure we create the chosen ID with different color schemes to achieve the greatest quality and impact and give the client more options to be comfortable with.

Step 4
The Production & Deployment Once the development of the corporate ID has been fully approved by our client, the final product will then be sent over to our client via electronic files. MechTechnologies keeps backup copies of the file due to promotional purposes only. Furthermore, we will prepare a manual for the use of your new identity and make sure your corporate identity is realized and recognized by the world via pre-press production (print, web, etc.)

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